We are excited to announce the need to move to larger premises. Due to this, we are unable to take any new orders on Cat Products at present (the move does not impact other merchandise available). We will be back up and running from JUNE 2018. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and urge you to come back to order in June when we can process your orders. Please do contact us with any queries in case we are able to help in the meantime.

Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank
Custom Cattank

Custom Cattank

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Join the revolution and prepare for a new era of cat furniture!
The Ludipuss CatTank is a brand new design entering the cat furniture industry; a stylish product that looks great in your home for you to enjoy with your cat.

This unique CatTank is full of fun and interactive ways your cat can play, and it look pretty cool to!


🐾 Trixie moving laser light installed with on/off switch on front of CatTank, to stimulate your cat's hunting instincts. Requires 3 AAA batteries (included, along with product box, instructions and details). Can be bought separately.

🐾 Four separate ping pong ball play centres (10 balls included). Right-hand "track" conceals ping-pong ball play system. Pop a ping-pong ball down the "gun barrel" - it will be caught by a circular ball toy under the turret hatch lid.

🐾 Hidden mice - 3 mini fur mice with integral rattle in the "grenade launchers" and 2 larger sisal mice in the left hand "track" for your cat to slide back and forth.

🐾 Three separate scratching areas of sisal - 2 "tracks" and the "gun barrel"

🐾 Sisal wrapped ball on elastic hanging from the "gun barrel"

🐾 Rotating turret - full 360 turn with opening lid

🐾 Flexible aerial with bell and flag (not shown in pictures)

🐾 Main body of CatTank is lined with 100% wool felt 4mm thick in natural black, but if you would prefer a different colour please let use know.

🐾 Second entry via opening at the rear

CatTank Dimensions:
Length - 100cm/39.37" (Gun Barrel tip to open ramp tip)
- 70cm/27.55"(front to back of Tracks)

Width - 59cm/23.22"

Height - 49cm/19.29" (Open Lid)
- 40cm/15.74" (Closed Lid)

Weight - 15kg/33lbs

Customisable CatTank (price may increase for extreme customisation)
The CatTank was designed, prototyped and hand built by myself with hours of care and attention going into every detail to get it looking as good as it does. However, it’s not for my cats, or going to look great in my living room (although my one does), it’s for your cat and you want it to look great in your house - so why not tweak it so it’s even better!?
Don’t want it in green? No problem! Maybe pink? Or perhaps camo!? Do you want your cat's name down the side? Just ask and we can make it right just for you.

We will aim to build you your very own CatTank within 2 weeks (if not sooner) however if a higher customisation is desired the processes may take longer.

The CatTanks are made from a lightweight yet strong fibreglass shell and painted with car grade paints which make them durable and long-lasting, resisting the sharpest of feline claws.

Ordering Options
If you would like the Standard Cattank with beige tracks and rope with no lights like the green tank in the pictures please select - Standard Cattank

If you would like the Cattank lighting up like in the pictures of the white tank please select - Light Up Turret/Logo

If you would like the Cattank with the black tracks and turret barrel like in the pictures of the white tank please select - Black Tracks

If you would like the Cattank with a Camouflage finish please select the option in - Primary Colour


PLEASE NOTE THE RAMP AT THE BACK IS NO LONGER ADDED UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT IT! - I’ve found it adds extra length, weight and build time and after testing with my cats, if closed, they can’t get in the tank.

The CatTank pictured is an example. The sisal carpet on the tracks and the rope on the turret may differ slightly depending on supply.