We are excited to announce the need to move to larger premises. Due to this, we are unable to take any new orders on Cat Products at present (the move does not impact other merchandise available). We will be back up and running from JUNE 2018. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and urge you to come back to order in June when we can process your orders. Please do contact us with any queries in case we are able to help in the meantime.

Black Scratching post

Black Scratching post

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The Ludipuss Black Scratching post is a stylish product that looks great in your home for you to enjoy with your cat.

“Ok it’s just a Scratching Post, and there are many out there that does the job for your cat! But if you’re going to have it in your living room, study or cat boudoir, you’d want it to look as good as the home you’ve spent many hours perfecting.”
This scratching post will come with a matching end cap and extension stem in black, plus replaceable cardboard disks.

The standard length of the scratching post is 45cm/17.6" which include 70 cardboard disks, but shorter options are available.

Scratching post dimensions:

Wide - 30cm/11.81"
Deep - 30cm/11.81"
Total Height – 77cm/30.5”

Scratching height -  25cm/10" - 45cm/17.6"

The Base’s are made from 18mm MDF, the tubes are made from PVC (the same as doors and windows) all painted with car grade paints which make them durable and long-lasting, resisting the sharpest of feline claws. The base has been lined with fabric and and felt on each end of every stem. All paint finish is a Matt finish with any vinyl lettering applied after.

Building your Scratching Post:
There are four parts to the Scratching post, Base, Painted stem, Scratching stem and top cap. Each part is screwed together with an M10 double headed bolt which allows for easy assembly/disassembly. Each part has matching connectors allowing you to change the configuration if desired.

For example, if you’ve just got a little bundle of claws simply choose the base and cardboard stem, once your kitten has grown, add the painted stem to increase the height.

Customisable Scratching post:
Do you want your cat's name down the side? Maybe a nickname? Just ask and we can make it right just for you.
If you don’t want a name on the post, our default is our Ludipuss lettering, but if you’d rather it plain please let us know.

We custom build every part of our Scratching Posts and aim to ship each and every one as soon as possible, however due to supply and factors such as drying time please allow up to 2 weeks (but should be sooner). However if a higher customisation is desired, the processes may take a little longer.

Please note, we build and ship our scratching post from the UK, if you live outside the UK your order may be subject to customs charges

This is just the start of our scratching post range and have many ideas for add-ons, which we plan to add as we grow, so you can attach and expand your configuration for your scratching post. So watch this space!

The Scratching Posts pictured are examples. The cardboard and vinyl may differ slightly depending on supply.