We are excited to announce the need to move to larger premises. Due to this, we are unable to take any new orders on Cat Products at present (the move does not impact other merchandise available). We will be back up and running from JUNE 2018. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and urge you to come back to order in June when we can process your orders. Please do contact us with any queries in case we are able to help in the meantime.

Meet the team

Eddie Tycer

Owner, Creator, Designer

With a degree in Model Design and Special Effects and working in the film industry as Prop Modeller I have built up an ever growing knowledge of processes and skills which I love putting to good use for the benefit of the feline population worldwide.

Since I was a small boy I have grown up wanting to make things; anything! Perhaps it was my grandfather’s models or my passion for props in films (probably both) but I shaped my education in a way which resulted in a degree for MODEL DESIGN AND SPECIAL EFFECTS, which gave me what I needed to follow my dreams, working in the film industry as a Prop Modeller.

Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure to meet the best in the business and the privilege of learning from them; from elite sculptors at Madame Tussauds to the best of the best model makers, painters and designers working on Hollywood films (due to restrictions I can’t list them but feel free to search my film credits on IMBD http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2736961/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 ).

Over the years I have built up an ever growing knowledge of processes, industry suppliers and skills in making, moulding and finishing on tight deadlines for the highest quality…


Becca Tycer

P.A, Customer Services, Marketing

I’m Eddies ultra organised (and bossy) sister, that has come on board with LudiPuss so Eddie can get back to what he loves and is amazing at - Designing, creating and building.


Test Team

Named after the ninja Shredder from the TMNT, has absolutely no Ninja skills whatsoever! In fact you can normally hear him before you see him as he doesn't like being left on his own and loves a good chat. Shredder is definitely a cardboard box cat, and is happiest when testing out the LudiPuss tanks.

Nothing phases Doug....other than his own shadow and those of everyone else! He's a big softy and loves a good cuddle. But his biggest love of all is his food; anything that involves food! He can easily be bribed with a tasty treat or two when the testing needs completing and he's not committed to the task! Doug is the 'go to cat' for the cat scratcher testing. He loves all the varieties he can get his paws on.

Bruce (aka Batman)
Like his namesake, he is a man of discerning tastes, intelligence and physical prowess. His ability to appear and disappear is legendary (although this version usually finds himself accidentally shut in a cupboard no-one saw him enter!). Bruce is the nosiest of all the test team, and wants to be involved in everything; sawing, filing, painting....you name it, he's there to 'help'!